We Help Wednesday 4/19


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  1. harmjr

    Do you know of anyway to print out a webpage from Chrome with Larger Fonts. This capability is in Edge, IE and Firefox just not in Chrome.

  2. Peter klobčič

    Why cant i find Microsoft applications, like visual studio, office, (i also think even .net framework should be in the store), and other applications in windows store?

    how is Microsoft planning to succeed with windows cloud if they dont use the store?

  3. hrlngrv

    When I go to https://www.thurrott.com/users/<acctid> and click the Activity tab, the most recent comment is the last one I made using your old comment system. Are there any plans to use that tab to show comments created using this site's new comment system?

  4. Polycrastinator

    Is it still possible to install Windows 10 with an 8 or 7 key and have it activate after the Creator's Update has released? Do you need to use the Anniversary Update ISO, or can you use the newer ISO for your install?

  5. Simard57

    Can reading mode in Edge be configured to scroll vertically instead of horizontally?

    • Simard57

      In reply to Simard57:

      thanks for the answer - I will stop looking for the setting.

      Edge supports left and right gestures when navigating sites (previous - next). which do NOT work when in Book mode. Being inconsistent seems bad. to exit Reading mode, I cannot swipe back to the page - have to use the back icon which is off screen unless swiping down... Muscle memory is hard to overcome without focusing on the action which is conditioned in.

      oh well -

  6. Simard57

    Will Windows Cloud support Steam games or is being tied to the Windows Store prohibit it?