We Help Wednesday 4/26


ill be out tomorrow so it’s all Paul… drop your questions here.

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  1. gregalto

    If Microsoft can make UWP apps run on iOS....is this good or bad for Windows Store?

  2. Brandonlpierce

    Have you done much with Cortana on Android? I've been unable to make the switch because of a few issues but mostly due to my Outlook.com Calendar not showing up.

  3. bennymac

    Whilst MS formerly decided on the future or lack there of for mobile strategy what is the best way to move from Windows Phone when all my text messages are tied/linked to my MSA account?

    I'd like to move to either iOS or Android but i want to bring all my messages with me. I use text messages alot for work as a history of jobs and requests and i need to ensure they are not lost, 8+ years worth. Ideally, if i ever came returned to using an MS Phone i'd like to bring back all those text messages. It's the only reason i'm still on a WP.

  4. thea2_

    Why does edge keep flipping to can't reach this page, when watching your podcasts, also bing search can't find your page when clicking a bing search result?

  5. Shane

    I bought a website name a while ago from go daddy.

    I'm just not sure what to do next. Do I try to build a site thru them or can I use the name I bought on Wordpress as this seems a popular way to build a site from listening to stuff.

    Just lost in what to do. The site will be for my business ( construction )