We Help Wednesday 4/5


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  1. rob4jen

    Any tips for improving battery life for Win10 running via Boot Camp on a MacBook Air?

  2. Suberungoer

    Will third party vendors make displays with similar aspect ratio as that of the Surface line of products?

  3. MacNala

    How do you use ShareX in a OneDrive environment it complains about shortcut keys from OneDrive locking ShareX out?

  4. Bryan75

    I used to be on the Insiders Program until the official release of Windows 10. I then opted out of future Insider releases. I updated to the creators update on 4/3 with the ISO files. I never had to opt back into the Insiders program. I noticed Paul's tweet today about opting out of the Insiders Program. The Insiders section of my install says "Get Started". Was I supposed to opt back in before updating? Everything seems to be running fine. Just wanting to make sure I get future non-insider updates.

  5. anchovylover

    I'm running Creators Update which I managed to get last week when the link was temporarily posted. Windows Defender tells me to enable ExpressVPN Tap adaptor as it has been disabled. I follow the steps and do so only for the same message to return a couple of days later. This has only started with Creators Update.

  6. will

    So what about that Spring Event.................crickets......................

  7. timedrifter

    I am struggling here guys. I want the Surface Pro 5, but I need a laptop now? Should I keep waiting or bail on MS and get the yoga that is my second choice. SP4 isn't an option, not going with old tech.

  8. helix2301

    I see a lot of people using Dropbox I know Paul said he uses Dropbox for his book. Does Dropbox have any advantage over OneDrive?

  9. Polycrastinator

    Given the current controversy du jour, do you guys use VPN service, and do you have any recommendations, either general or of specific services? I remember a while back there was talk that Microsoft might be rolling some sort of VPN for use when on hotspots into Windows, did that project just disappear?