We Help Wednesday 5/03


I appologise if you’re not doing a we help wednesday this week, but if you are, I have two questions;

1) I’m considering purchasing an Xbox One to watch Movies and TV shows, and I have some already purchased on the Windows 10 app on my Surface Pro. However I have a terrible internet connection and need to download the Movies to the HDD as Streaming them is undesirable. Can you download your rented or purchased Movie and TV content on your Xbox One? As I have been told by one person that you cannot and that it’s streaming only. But I’d like to verify it.

2) With Windows 10 S finally revealed, does this mean OEM’s will no longer be able to install their crapware on new machines?

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  1. akubert

    Based on the timing of the posting of some of the content to Thurrott.com during the Microsoft event yesterday, you guys HAD to know some of what Microsoft was revealing yesterday. Is it common for companies to share advance information to select people in the media? If so, like the questions asked of former presidents, what did you guys know and when did you know it?!?

  2. Simard57

    adding to the questions.

    with Windows 10 S coming out - should we expect to see it offered in the Pro and SB lines as an option?

  3. Sprtfan

    Was there any new info on Intune or how Microsoft is going to compete with Chromebooks on management? Does Microsoft have something similar to Powerwash that can quickly reset the computer? Speed and ease are very important.

  4. Komosis

    Also, adding to the questions.

    I purchase a mini display to HDMI cable recently for my Surface Pro 3. Although it handles video perfectly, it is experiencing an audio issue that I cannot resolve. Audio plays for anywhere from 10 minutes down to 1 second on occasions. When it stops playing, the only way to resolve, temporarily, is to switch audio output to speakers then back again to the display. However, this resolution only lasts for seconds, at best.

    I have tried uninstall/reinstall the audio device in question; intel display audio; from device manager, removal/reinstallation of audio drivers, and even disabled/re-enabled the Trusted Platform Module in the UEFI, but no dice.

    Any advice would be appreciated