We Help Wednesday 5/10


The quality of the pictures taken on Paul’s cameras are always high quality (in my view) and I want to replicate this for myself. On the phone, does Paul use automatic settings? or does Paul use advanced mode for each photo and customise the aperture, ISO, shutter speed etc? Is there any post-processing using Photoshop on each image? Please share the secret. I’m currently using the HTC One X9 in Australia with Android 6.0.

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  1. thea2_

    I'm looking for a solution to using Edge; which never seems to connect to any sites when using a VPN. Is there a simple solution to this as MS tells you to search their Tech forms which tell you nothing.

  2. harmjr

    So I have fallen in love with using Android on my Surface Pro 4 via DuOS. So I am thinking about the following and wonder what you Paul and Brad think.

    1) Why not build a phone that can dual boot Android / Windows 10 ARM device?

    2) So why inst Android bringing its Google Now or what ever they are calling its assistant to Windows 10?

    3) Do you think Microsoft will ever allow you to replace Cortana in Windows 10?

    4) Why isn't Google blocking Cortana on Android or am I wrong and they are blocking or slowing it down.

  3. StevenLayton

    Do you know where a full, untouched, version of the full Microsoft Edu keynote can be found? The video on the YouTube link below has an annoying soft background musical track on it and keeps skipping to adverts part way through.