We Help Wednesday 6/7

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  1. Chris Blair

    Microsoft offers at least three ways to create, schedule, and manage tasks: Outlook 2016 (desktop app), the new To-Do app, and Cortana (reminders). Which do you use? Which do you recommend?

  2. Chris Blair

    On User Voice, way back on April 13, 2016, Microsoft said that they had increased the OneDrive path length limit from about 260 characters to 430 characters. But I (and others on User Voice) could not verify this on OneDrive.com. In any case, without also increasing the Windows 10 File Explorer path length limit, increasing the OneDrive path length limit would not be very useful for me. Do you know if and when Microsoft is planning to (really) increase the path length limits of Windows 10 File Explorer and OneDrive?

  3. Brad Sams

    Thanks for making this!

  4. Simard57

    would it make sense to have a Forum dedicated to these kind of podcast questions

  5. helix2301

    What Sonos speakers work the best with groove music?

  6. WebLo

    Paul/Brad - watching the wwdc keynote, windows 8 had a lot of what iOS 11 has...why did microsoft fail so badly when Apple looks to do so well with this?

  7. thea2_

    help with usb autosuspend setting as logitech devices become unresponsive after a min or so?

    • Patrick3D

      In reply to thea2_:

      If the devices work after unplugging/replugging them then it may be Power Settings for the USB controller in the computer putting them to sleep. I've seen this with some USB2.0 devices plugged into USB3.0 ports on laptops and tablets. To disable power saving: open the Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus Controllers > go through the all of the "Hub" devices listed > Properties > Power Management (tab) > and un-check "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". You can also try to investigate and find out which hub the device is connected to and only change the setting for the affected hub. Depending on your system there may be upwards of 6 or more hubs listed to configure.

  8. Shane

    Ok sorry this may be long.

    I have always been a MS guy. Phone , tablet , computer.

    Now I have had serious issues with MS hardware.

    I went thru 5 surface 3's with the same issue.

    So I got a Pro4.

    I am now on my 4th pro 4.

    I do use the pen and use my pro 4 in tablet form.

    But as I look to the future I'm thinking of 2 new devices.

    A tablet (sorry nothing Apple. I went to Android for my phone. That was hard enough but the right choice) and a laptop I'm thinking.

    DO I stick to the Surface pro or because of all the issues ive had with surface devices ( well my RT and Surface 2 still work fine) choose someone, something else ?

    The pro style devices is there a company that provides something as good as a Surface.

    My problem is if its going to go wrong it seems to only happen to me.