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  1. MacNala

    Have you advice for a Win10 desktop addict concerning OneDrive.

    I cannot get to the OneDrive that I started using my MSA. I do not have a mobile device (smart phone phobia).

    when I try to reload the OneDrive desktop app it gives me a run around then says it is already installed.

    I have tried with my insider preview system and it gets weird, gets to open OneDrive but cannot connect to my MSA account.

    I have a separate Win10 system 15063.483 with Office 365 installed it gets lost as well.

    How many different OneDrive apps are there?

    • Usman

      In reply to MacNala:

      There should just be only one OneDrive desktop client out there, it's a unified client for both consumer onedrive and onedrive for business. Old versions of Office Pro could install the old business client (groove.exe)

      I'd say uninstall all possible onedrive clients you have and get the one from the onedrive website as that is the latest version.

      I believe insider installs already comes with the latest version already.

      I have no idea what else to do if that doesn't work.

    • Patrick3D

      In reply to MacNala:

      The easiest thing to do is to login to the Office365/OneDrive account online that is not syncing and click the Sync button on the website, it will automatically configure or download the appropriate version for that account.

  2. jchampeau

    I’m not sure when this started, but .ICS files no longer open in Outlook 2016 on Windows 10 for me. Instead, they open in the unremovable Calendar app which isn’t something I care to use. Of course there is no place to set a default calendar app and I can’t even associate the .ics file extension with Outlook. When I try, my only options are to associate with the Calendar app or to find another app in the store. Good grief. Any ideas?

  3. Peter klobčič

    when will store office 2016 apps be available to the windows 10 pro users?

  4. seabass722

    Do you know to what extent Microsoft uses Xamarin in house for developing apps for iOS and Android? It seems like a lot of Microsoft apps (mobile office, Outlook, Skype, etc.) get updates on a different schedule between those two platforms. If Microsoft were developing these apps using the cross platform technologies of Xamarin I would not expect this to not be the case. Just curious as an Android user who sometimes gets updates first (eg. new Skype UI) and sometimes gets them second (eg. latest big Outlook update that ).

  5. gvan

    I'm still waiting for 4k support from Apple TV and iTunes. Do you have any thoughts on when or if my wait might end?

  6. GeekWithKids

    Have a dell 2 in 1 laptop top with a strange problem. When ever I listen to audio the volume slow drops till I can't hear it anymore. It doesn't happen with headphones, but when I use the speakers it happens most of the time.There is a setting in Sound->Communication-> When windows detects comunication activity that has 4 options

    Mute all

    Reduce the volume of other sounds by 80%

    Reduce the volume of other sounds by 50%

    Do Nothing

    I have it set to do nothing but it hasn't help.

    Any thoughts?

    • Patrick3D

      In reply to GeekWithKids:

      2 things to check:

      If there is a utility currently installed from the vendor of the sound chip (e.g. Creative Labs, Realtek, etc...) look to see if it has a "Smart Volume" setting. This is not likely to be your issue since your volume is dropping to inaudible levels, but is worth a check if applicable.

      The other thing to do is download the latest audio driver from Dell and uninstall/re-install the audio driver. One of the Windows Updates may have removed the original driver from Dell and left a generic Microsoft driver in place, or vice-versa.

  7. Martin Pelletier

    Question for Paul, there is a feature called "Change where new content is created" in the Storage setting. With the Fall Creator update and the new Onedrive, will we be able to point to Onedrive instead of a local disk?

    I did add manually the the other libraries like Musics and Videos. I just don't want to have to copy files all the time and let Onedrive handle the backup to Onedrive.

    Hope I made sense.

    • cybrtitan

      I've been backing up my entire computer onedrive (skydrive) since win 8

      the key is to use libraries or special folders that you can redirect. the ones that you can in the most recent build are : 3D Objects, Contacts, Desktop, Downloads, Favorites, Links, Music, Pictures, Saved Games, Searches, Videos

      you right click and get to the properties dialog box of the folder
      -> location tab
      -> change C:users%user%%folder% to C:users%user%onedrive%folder%
      hit apply and yes a whole bunch of times and you'll be good to go

      In reply to MartinusV2:

  8. eeisner

    I've been having an issue with my SB recently where after sleep/hibernate the keyboard and trackpad will stop working. Usually putting the computer to sleep/waking it up right away or detaching the screen (the only keyboard function that still works) will fix it, but recently when getting to my computer in the morning nothing will wake the keyboard/trackpad, and after a few attempts, my machine will eventually wind up frozen or BSOD'ing. This is extremely frustrating, as I've lost tons of work/notes from having to force a shutdown a few times recently. Is this something either of you have come across?

  9. cybrtitan

    My summer job gives me too much time to think about life's quandaries, but one in particular has me stumped. Help me Paul Thurrott you are my only hope.

    if all the new players on the Clippers wear Nikes how does Steve Ballmer learn their names?????????!!???!!!!


    on a more serious note, I want to confirm what I see as an even bigger issue with the new Surface Pro. Notebook Check says that the Wifi card does not support miracast or MIMO!! so could you confirm that? also check if it supports creating hotspots and receiving miracast as well?

    this would be ironic if it didn't support this considering it's a prime feature of the surface hub