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  1. paulkbiba

    I have a wired ethernet connection to my Surface Pro 4 dock. When I connect my Pro to the dock, and I leave its WiFi on, does the wired or the wireless connection take priority – or should I turn WiFi off when I connect to the dock? Thanks, Paul

    • MarkWibaux

      In reply to paulkbiba:

      In theory Windows should route via the connection with the lower metric. Part of that metric is based on the connection speed. The higher the connection speed the lower the metric for that connection.

      Open a cmd prompt and run "route print" and see what connection has the lower metric.

      For more info see "An explanation of the Automatic Metric feature for IPv4 routes"


  2. Martin Pelletier

    Since the Fall Update won't have DiskImage feature, any recommendations on a great DiskImage software not Acronis True Image?

  3. jonzey

    (to be performed in great jest, a la Brad's sarcastic tone of voice)

    What the heck ever happened to your magical unicorn review of the Thinkpad X1 Carbon, *PAUL*? This whole *moving* thing is really starting to get in the way of my geek habit.

    ...and to throw napalm on the fire, since you've touted the benefits of multi-touch, I'm ready for a grumpy Paul review of the Thinkpad X1 Yoga 2nd Gen.!

  4. BurritoBoys

    Rumors on the street are that participation in the Insider program isnt as good as Microsoft had hoped...any insight here

  5. harmjr

    Do we think we will see any Windows 10 ARM devices before the end of the year?

    I am hoping that this will bring back the 8" tablet market.

  6. Chris Blair

    Why can't we log into thurrott.com using a Microsoft account?

  7. Sprtfan

    I set up to get text messages from my Android phone on my desktop. I can receive and respond to the message on my desktop as expected but is there any way to get back to the message on the desktop after it has been closed? I don't always want to respond right away or the text has info I need later. Thanks

  8. kj_pda

    Evidence of HP Elite X3 windows 10 phone on Verizon. No articles on Thurrott. Why is HP selling US only phone? Is HP working with Microsoft for the Verizon version of elite x3?

    can surface downgrade to Windows 10S?

    when will WOA devices be available?

    when will surface with LTE be available?