We Help Wednesday 8/9 with Rafael


Questions for the show tomorrow? Ask away and we will try to answer them.

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  1. ChristopherCollins

    In reply to WithinRafael:

    Sorry for the out of place question... Seemed an easy place to ask my question.

    Raphael, I have a question. You mentioned MS being ahead in scaling. Until recently, UVNC & RDP worked terribly when using HiDPI to a LoDPI machine. Forever in RDP, I had to use that old school RDP manager. For Apple to be 'behind', everything I have used and all remote apps scale perfectly in OS X.

    Can you elaborate on what they are ahead in and maybe explain why it took so long for VNC & RDP sessions to work properly from say Surface Book to a 1080P desktop?

  2. TheJoeFin

    In reply to Rick:

    Check your resource monitor after applying a cumulative update. Is any component being maxed out, HD, CPU, RAM, Networking?

  3. TheJoeFin

    In reply to harmjr:

    It has been in the insider builds