Don’t want to be a douche… But…


Little miffed about the advertisements in the last first ring daily episode. I listen to every episode on the treadmill each morning (along with Windows weekly, Sams report, WhatTheTech at various times of week) and while I’m absolutely fine with sponsors and adverts in those – because they are a) significantly longer. b) free to everyone. I totally understand the need to get paid for your work – I am not fine with it in the premium content that I have already paid to access – and it messes up my flow on the treadmill ?

Now I remember on the FRD not so long ago Paul had a big rant about people complaining about adverts for free things (people need to get paid – which I support), but when already charging access to the premium section I don’t expect a couple of minutes from 20 approx to be adverts.

Now I know Paul doesn’t like to talk about this, but I recall he moved house recently? Is the electrician’s bill really that much that a week or so after we have adverts? ?

No more please.



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