Alexa compatible, dimmable, 6" can lights?


I’m looking to replace the lights in my basement. They are currently on 3 different dimmer switches in different locations making it inconvenient to use. I’m not sure what to get though. I found some Sengled Smart Bulbs that look like they should work but I wanted to ask here for recommendations before buying anything. Reading the description, it says Can not work with dimmer switch, just can dimm via Sengled Home APP. I’d assume that as long as I keep the dimmer switch at 100% it would be ok? Also, I want to control the lights with voice using an Echo dot via a phone app. Thanks for any recommendations.

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  1. darkgrayknight

    I have INSTEON setup at my house, where I replaced the switches rather than the bulbs. Then you can control the switches with the Insteon app or through Alexa once the Insteon skill was added to Alexa. With Insteon, you can get away with using only one dimmer switch (needs to be set as the main one) and just regular Insteon on/off switches for the others. Electricians can get confused by these switches as they are technically always on, but the instructions can be followed by most anyone.

    If you do go with replacing the bulbs instead, I would remove the dimmer switches and either tie them off under a cover plate or disable the dimming capability (not sure how doable that is), because it will cause issues if you dim the power too low.

    • Sprtfan

      I tried to look into it more and see that changing the switches make the most since. I think I'll need a 3 gang 3 way switch though and I'm having some trouble finding one.

  2. Sprtfan

    Thanks, I didn't think about replacing the switches instead. I like the idea of doing the bulbs at first though since it would be easy to switch back if the experience is not good. Sounds like the existing dimmers could be a problem though.

    • darkgrayknight

      What I liked about Insteon is that the switches (dimmer, on/off, etc.) work like normal switches on the wall directly regardless of whether the hub is working or Alexa, or the internet. I have a couple bulbs also, though if someone turns off the non-Insteon switch, they won't turn on.

  3. phjeong

    There are a lot of lights out there but I think the comment here is a good way to see this. The setup for that will be better for you.