Alexa Defends Herself


It was hot here in southeastern Michigan on July 4th which probably comes as no surprise to most of you, so my mother asked me to ask Alexa (via the Echo Dot in our kitchen) what the temperature was.

“87 degrees,” she replied.

We both thought that was inaccurate, as it felt hotter to us, so I said to Alexa, “You’re full of sh**.”

She replied, “I’m definitely not going to respond to THAT.”

Good on you, girl.

(Don’t get me wrong, most of the time it’s a very useful device.)

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3 responses to “Alexa Defends Herself”

  1. Lord baal

    Temputure and dew point affects how hot it is.

  2. Lauren Glenn

    I got a little freaked out after I asked Alexa something, she answered, and then I looked at the other person in the room and said, "I guess she heard me from the other room." She replied with, "yes, I did."

    Freaked me out. :)