Amazon FireTV – no more Firefox


I received an email from Amazon support today, that Mozilla are withdrawing support for the Firefox FireTV App as of 30 April 2021.

The App will still be available, but it won’t be updated with security updates or new features from that data.

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4 responses to “Amazon FireTV – no more Firefox”

  1. miamimauler

    Unfortunately for FF fans this is just another sad step in the inevitable march to FF adopting Chromium. It's only a matter of time I'm afraid.

    • bkkcanuck

      In reply to miamimauler:

      Yay, more possibilities of memory errors causing vulnerabilities :o

      • miamimauler

        In reply to bkkcanuck:

        Yeah, it's not my preferred option either but I just don't know how FF survives unless it adopts Chromium.

        If MS with all of its billion plus W10 users couldn't succeed with Legacy Edge even when set as the default browser then FF has no chance.

    • ruivo

      In reply to miamimauler:

      I don't think Mozilla will ever adopt chromium, after Microsoft's capitulation they where handed the crown of the "not Chrome" kingdom. It may be a very, very small kingdom, but still one that people still seek refuge in.

      I was on team Firefox until they botched the mobile browser, but I still root for them.