Apple soon to be worth $2.5 Trillion


Three weeks ago in mid-June, Microsoft joined the ultra-elite league of two — companies with a market capitalisation in excess of $2 trillion.


Shares in Apple ($AAPL) have stormed upwards over the last six weeks, equating to a 20% rise. With investors’ bullishness on Apple, it is streaking away from Microsoft, and Apple shall soon reach the $2.5 trillion net worth milestone imminently (it’s currently worth $2.48 trillion).


Just thought I’ll share this delightful news for those who are depending upon the upward trajectory of $AAPL for their retirement. ? ? ?

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10 responses to “Apple soon to be worth $2.5 Trillion”

  1. waethorn

    Stocks only go up if they can hit sales targets, and with a looming inflation catastrophe on the horizon, nobody is going to afford their products.

    • gjsman

      Well, considering how the Stock Market keeps increasing, Investors clearly don't see that as an issue.

    • will

      There is always something "looming" on the horizon. Most of the time these things never come to pass however, it is usually something out of the left-field that smacks us.

    • Jeffsters

      Yes, Apple is doomed! Doomed! :-P

  2. wp7mango

    I own shares in both Apple and Microsoft. So it's a win-win for me.

  3. shark47

    Well, if you put your retirement savings int Tesla a few years ago, you probably would be vacationing on your private yacht right now.

  4. codymesh

    this level of wealth inequality is unsustainable.

    • bkkcanuck

      Wealth and wealth inequality are not a problem.... the issue for any developed nation is ensuring that the 'middle' wealth is the bulk of society (in all things)... because when you have too many people not 'having skin' in the game, society becomes a lot less stable. Having rich companies, and rich people... not a problem as long as the vast majority of people are poor that they feel they have nothing to lose which leads to instability.

      • Daishi

        So I’m other words, this level of wealth inequality is unsustainable. Because all of the caveats you put in about when it becomes a problem is exactly what the world is increasingly looking like.