Ipad’s Mouse Support ….. Is Half Baked. Couldn’t See That Coming


Just saw a video demonstrating Mouse Support. Basically, the mouse isnt acting like a normal mouse … its acting like your finger so the same tedious crap you had to do wiith your fingers, your just tediously doing with your mouse now. For instance, there is no natural click and drag selection process that you would come to expect from using a mouse (which is one of the situations people were wanting a mouse for). Instead, You have to double tap the first word of the sentence you want to select, then you have to CAREFULLY hover your mouse over the blue dot, then you have to select and hold the blue dot and move the blue dot and release.

This is just one of the examples I saw, but it make me wonder how many other scenarios we all think a mouse funciton that acted like a normal mouse would be so much better for on an Ipad when in fact, its going to be just as tedious and aggrevating (perhaps evern more so now since they have dropped the ball)

Really Apple? What is going on there?

This was a simple thing and you F’d it up.

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