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Howdy Members,

We have been experiencing site instability all day and are working through the issues. Earlier today, we sent an email to all members sharing this information but I want to be sure that we are communicating as transparently and quickly as possible. We have made significant progress … the site has stabilized, and performance is much faster. There are outstanding issues that we are working through and therefore we appreciate your continued patience. Some of those issues include broken profile images for some members.

Additionally, some good news. We have made significant progress toward implementing the new commenting system. It is live on our staging environment and we are testing historical comment migration. I am excited to finally see basic functionality for comments, as well as nee notification features. We are close!


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  1. pmbinc


  2. paulkbiba

    I'm a premium subscriber but I have not received any emails from you. Also, the site mentions a newsletter but I haven't gotten this either.

    • George Coll

      good morning, we will investigate and follow up with you directly.

      • Japser

        Hi George - I also did not receive the email ladt week.

        • tonyajo77

          Hi Jasper! There actually wasn't a Premium Newsletter last week while Paul was on his Alaskan cruise. You should have received one this week, 7/25. If you did not, please let us know and we will correct the problem immediately. Thank you!

          • Japser

            Hi Tonyajo - thanks for your response. I was not referring to the newsletter, but to this part of George's original post: "Earlier today, we sent an email to all members sharing this information". I did not receive that email.

    • George Coll

      We sent you an email directly, from Tonya at BWW, this morning.

  3. bleeman

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm not having any site issues and it seems to be working well. However, I'm back to it not remembering me when I click on a link in one of Paul's E-mails again. Every time I follow a link I have to login to the site again. This happened some time ago then it finally cleared up and now it's back.

    • George Coll

      Thanks for sharing this issue. We will investigate further. As many of you know, there has been lots of frustrations that we are aware of on this topic.

      And keep in mind, we are deep in the process of rebuilding the site.


      • arjay

        I don't think I got an email, and it's frustrating that nearly every time I visit the site I have to log in again. I always check the "remember me" box, but I'm reminded that it's stupid to do the same thing again and again hoping for a different outcome.

  4. simont

    I didn't get the email, checked in my Spam folder etc.

  5. George Coll

    Good morning,

    Quick update on yesterday's challenges. To address a concern in the comments, there were no security incidents. Yesterday's challenges were directly tied to the Thurrott WordPress codebase and a plugin being used, that were causing the server instability issues. These are precisely the type of things we are working on intensely with our site relaunch.

    I am happy to share that a big leap forward was accomplished in site performance. GTmetrix scores for were improved by over 50% with our actions taken yesterday. In addition, as I mentioned yesterday we are really close to implementing the new comment system. The new comment system will further improve site performance and stability and be a hell of a lot better member experience. Long overdue!

    There are some issues tied to yesterday's activities that we are working to resolve. The issues are related to images ... we understand the root cause and are in the midst of implementing the solution. I am hopeful that will be resolved over the weekend ... We will keep you posted.

    Thanks again for your support and patience.


    • miamimauler

      @George Coll

      This new comment section. Am I correct in thinking Paul stated it was going to be Disqus or am I getting this site and Windows Central and their revamp mixed up?

      • George Coll

        Windows who? Just kidding! We are going to be using OpenWeb. It is a leader in this space, and trusted by some great brands and publishers including Wall Street Journal and IGN.

        As I mentioned previously, we have Thurrott running on a staging environment and we are testing the migration of historical comments. We hope to go live soon. We will keep the community updated.

        • miamimauler

          @George Coll

          Really George? The Wall Street Journal requires registration, at least in my area, to view the comment section and IGN has a wall of comments down the right hand side.

          Is this your choice? Surely you can provide better examples.

          • George Coll

            TechCrunch, FoxNews, Huffington Post. Go to to learn more.

            My point in sharing these examples isn't to look at their particular implementations. The point is that there are prominent brands that are leveraging this technology and platform.

            We are in the business of content and community. Not building custom software. There are many areas where we believe it makes sense to develop custom solutions, this isn't one of them, and all it has done in the past is slow us down from improving experiences.

            This is going to be a giant leap forward. We really do appreciate your caring!

            • miamimauler

              Thanks George. I went to OpenWeb and had a look at the comment system on a couple of sites using it.

      • miamimauler

        @George Coll

        Damnit! I forgot to offer my gratitude for your hard work and look forward to an edit button being added.

    • rob_segal

      Thank you for all your hard work!

  6. north of 49th

    Thanks for the update.