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Does anyone know of a good way to export photos out of Flickr (and ideally into OneDrive and/or Google) using either Windows, Linux or the Web? So far my searches have returned results that are somewhat long in the tooth and mostly related to exporting into Flickr.

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    I found this. 

    Log in securely to your flickr account via OAuth.
    View all the public photos (or all of them)
    Select specific photos and download as a batch.
    Or download them all with one click.
    Set preferences for download size, metadata etc.
    flickr downloadr - Batch download your flickr photos!

    So I'd download them all into a specific folder. Then you can use google photos uploader https://photos.google.com/apps to upload them all. 

    Done. Hope this helps. Happy Holidays.

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    There are several ways to do bulk download your images from Flickr, I remember I did it myself with a small program (that I now for the life of me cant remember what it was called) (will check when I get home if i still have it )

    Hopefully theses pages can help you get started though:




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    Just try to sync with OneDrive. So did I. This is the fastest way it's like to buy injectable steroids to make your body hot. And to be honest I heard that for a while Flickr had partnered up with a company called Qoop that would bulk load your photos. Hope I helped. Take care