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We have two Xboxes in our house, an older Xbox One S, and a newer Xbox Series S. I subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Currently I have my main account, and have created an account for my son with family settings on them. Is it possible to play multiplayer games from game pass across both of these consoles? So for example, let my son play Minecraft with his friends, with one of them on either console?

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  1. Sprtfan

    I tried this on 2 PCs with Minecraft Dungeons, and it didn't work. Could be different on Xbox though.

  2. jlv632

    I think you have to consider which one is your "Home" Xbox.

    I don't think you can have it so your "Game pass" shares on both consoles with your son. I could be wrong but that's how it was for me 12 months ago.

    My advise would be whichever one your son plays on the most, set that up as your "Home" xbox. Otherwise, you'll both need to pay for Game Pass Ultimate.

    • christianwilson

      Yes. This is what you want to look into.

      Your account is the one tied to Game Pass. Those games can be accessed by you, on any Xbox in the world, if you are logged in. Additionally, you can assign one "home" Xbox that has a license for the games in your library. Anyone logged into that Xbox can play the games you own/subscribe to.

      Your son will need to play on whichever device you have designated as the home Xbox and someone else will have to play using your account on the other Xbox.

  3. vladimir

    I wonder why this has to be so complicated. Can't they just make a family subscription as most services do?