Antstream for retro gaming


I miss the games of my youth, and don’t really have time to get good at modern games. Nor have I had the time to make a retro pi. Looking at reviews foe the Atari VCS they talked about a streaming service foe retro games: antstream. Works in Windows, Mac, Linux, snd android. Streaming is great for ancient games like this. It assumes you have an Xbox controller. For a little PAC Man or galaga or mortal combat, it seems like a perfect solution. Right now it is $10/month which seems like a lot, but they say there will be a free ad supported tier.

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  1. erichk

    Thanks for this. Looks tempting to me. Couldn't hurt to at least try out the free version.

  2. epsjrno

    Hmmmm... does look to have some potential. Worth investigating.