Call of Duty: Modern Warfare makes me feel sick


I’m getting a woozy, sick feeling and a headache after about 30 minutes of play time with the new COD:MW. I’ve been playing FPS games for decades, and none of them have given me any problems until this game. Does anyone else experience this video games? What’s the deal?

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    Interesting, and sorry. No, I don't have this issue.

  2. SWCetacean

    Perhaps the field of view is too low? I generally need to widen the field of view setting in PC games or else I will get nauseous after playing for an hour or more.

    Also, perhaps there is more head bob in this game, particularly with the super-sprint? I generally dislike the exaggerated head-bobbing effect that a lot of FPSes use, so I turn it down as much as possible. On some games it's fine (Battlefield games have done it well in my opinion), but on others, it gets me nauseous as well.

  3. codymesh

    the new game engine this game is running on appears to be using image re-construction techniques (the game renders at a constant variable resolution) that work in conjunction with motion blurring to smooth out its rough edges, whereas previous COD games had no motion blur.

    also, COD titles in previous generations ran at fixed resolutions and so they had no image re-construction pipline.

  4. robotraccoon

    Follow up: Moving further away from the TV and turning on more lights in the room seems to have remedied my issues.

  5. StevenLayton

    No spoilers, but some of those levels are dark as hell. Uncomfortable playing some parts. On par with No Russian.