Gaming ID Thread


Post your gaming IDs here if you’d like to play with other community members. In the future we could look at setting up gaming events or servers for PC games, but for now post your names and the games you play so we can add eachother if wanted. 🙂 

Xbox Live (PC only): milkntwosugars
Games played: Halo 5 Forge, Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

Games played: Rocket League, Unturned, Block N Load, Ace of Spades MilkN2Sugars#21816
Games played: Overwatch

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  1. 1063

    Xbox Live: rtoddu054

    Games played: Overwatch, Battlefield 1 (when it comes out), ARK survival evolved.


    Steam: Tarheel

    Games played: EU IV, Stellaris, Napoleon Total War.


    Whenever we get the clubs feature on Xbox One, we definitely need to create one for this site.  As I am under the assumption most of us have the same interest (Tech) and all of the same demographic, old men that are young at heart.

  2. 49

    Xbox Live: Bdsams


    Play: Overwatch 

    Likely to play: new COD but only the legacy maps.

  3. 313

    xbox live: thewunderbar


    mostly overwatch recently, but I do play a fair amount of games.


    And I would agree on the clubs.  That'll let everyone kind of mingle without needing to add everyone to a friends list.

  4. 5440

    Xbox Live, Steam, Origin, Uplay: prjkthack

    PS4: prjkt_hack

    Been playing Forza Horizon 3, Overwatch on PC. So many games.