Playstation Vue on the Xbox One S


Curious if it is posible to watch Playstation Vue on the new Xbox. I realize there is no application now and probably never will be but recently you could log into PS Vue on a Windows desktop. Does anyone know if you could use the Xbox One S browser to watch PS Vue content? I am a casual gamer and want to buy my first Xbox One but as a media center the PS Vue cord cutting content a must. 

Thanks for any info

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  1. Teresasteele

    I''ll check this out for sure.

  2. Kevin

    Nothing personal against PS4 (I have a pro), but my XBox One X is far superior for media consumption. Not only do I have a Plex Server and the streaming apps, I have an OTA (Over The Air) tuner plugged in which allows me to watch over 50 channels of HD/Digital broadcasts (NYC area). It even allows you to pause (not record though) live tv for up to an hour so I can go to the kitchen for a snack or even take a phone call without having to miss my entertainment. What's the big advantage of this over the PS4? 1. It doesn't require any data. 2. I get notifications for friends who want to game while I'm just watching TV. 3. Live events that are local to my area. For these reasons, I prefer my Xbox One X to my PS4 for our living room.

  3. evox81

    Since I'm assuming you actually wanted an answer to your question...

    No, you can't use PS Vue on an Xbox One. At least not through a native app. PS Vue can be accessed through a browser, so it's possible that might work, but I can't imagine the experience would be ideal.