Successfully started Halo: Reach campaign on PC


Hi all,

Well my Game Pass Ultimate benefits are really paying for themselves. I’ve never played Halo before, so now that it’s available I jumped at this opportunity.

There was a thread a few days ago about download issues from the Microsoft Store (I want to play on PC), which I did experience a little, but it did finish with only one glitch along the way.

So an hour ago I decided to fire it up, and unfortunately when I was in the settings changing my key bindings … CRASH!

Oh no! But, I just relaunched the game, and everything was fine.

I finished the first couple of missions. I have to say … I can’t think of anything not to like. Interesting story, good pacing, sound/music.

The visuals are pretty darn good for a game that’s been around for a long time. I would say, the remastering was done well. It looks about as good as a 2010/2011 game with enhanced details can look in 2019. Recent titles are a bit more impressive, but that’s to be expected.

Great time to be a gamer!