Why I now skip the CoD campaigns


From the press conference today about the new Modern Warfare:

“We love telling stories,” Infinity Ward head writer Brian Bloom said. “Story is character and character is story, and that’s writery stuff that writers sometimes say internally, but it boils down to a simple thing. If you have a plot, who’s in it, what’s happening?”

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3 responses to “Why I now skip the CoD campaigns”

  1. RobotRaccoon

    I'll play it just to hear Capt. Price say, "Bravo Six, going dark."

  2. erichk

    Funny you should bring this up, because I came to a realization just recently. I've decided I'm bored as hell with most of games (with some exceptions). I ended up uninstalling a lot of them, mostly the ones with campaigns that I don't think I'm ever going to finish, because I've got so many on the back burner that I just don't have time anymore. Really, all I enjoy anymore are racing sims (because usually they're easy to get into), e-sports, and miscellaneous stuff like board games or card games.

    However, I still like shooters that I can play by myself, like Unreal Tournament, and even CoD multiplayer (against bots).

  3. bigfire

    I also like the shooters because they're so easy to get into. I've given up on on titles like Assassin's Creed because if I ever put them down, the difficulty curve is huge when I come back to them a few months later.

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