Xbox Avatars


Anyone else here a fan of the Xbox Avatar app? I love it and can easily spend an hour playing around with mine. The animations are so expressive, and the options are endless. I’ve created pretty spot-on avatars for my entire family, which we use as our gamerpics and also as our user images on Windows and other devices. In fact, I just updated mine following my post-Movember shave, and you’ll notice it’s my avatar as well.

It’s a bit disappointing that these avatars aren’t really used much on Xbox itself, as they were originally designed to drive the social experience across the ecosystem. Aside from occasional free swag dropped to promote a new game, the entire framework has been largely ignored.

Anyone else a fan of Xbox avatars? Who else would like to see Microsoft do more with them, perhaps create a virtual space where they could interact or star as the main character of a game? Who else wants Microsoft to release an ugly holiday sweater for Xbox avatars? Who else wants to see Paul’s and Brad’s Xbox avatars?

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