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After helping my daughter with her homework tonight, I have a short rant that has more to do with her schools curriculum probably than Google and chromebooks, but I was dumbfounded by the amount of advertisments she was forced to watch to complete an assigment. The teacher has included several links to videos that the students were to watch and then answer questions based on what they saw. Most of the ads were for Nintendo Switch or games but few were not really even approprate for the age group. I’m not sure what the time frame was between ads but there would be 2 thirty second ads that couldn’t be skipped what felt like every 10-15 mins? We needed to pause the videos and skip back at times so I don’t know for sure but it was getting very annoying by the end when we just wanted to finish. My daughter said this is not uncommon just first time she had asked for help for me to notice. We have conferances coming up and may ask about it. Sorry for the rant. Maybe this is common now and I’m just behind.

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  1. waethorn

    "You must be suffering from mental illness.

    Now here's a pharmaceutical ad."