10 Years ago – Laptops


10 years ago, if you were Christmas shopping for a gaming or ultra high end laptop. These are what you could get!

Here is one the top of the line, 2007 Dell gaming laptops. These had Windows Vista, that just was released. This laptop (Dell XPS M1730) also could have dual GTX 8700M graphics, which could play Crisis and Fallout 3 later on.

This model, is still selling for a pretty penny on Ebay, despite being 10 years old.

If you were looking for something, sophisticated and cool in 2007. You could get this, for $2,500. This had a detachable keyboard, a external like display, and a freaking handle, for carrying around! Imagine, bringing one of these into work, or college!

Although times have changed quite a bit since 2007. These laptops are pretty nice still!

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