$4.00 Android Mini Computer Review!


Yesterday, I acquired an interesting little device at Savers thrift store for only $3.99. While shopping, I noticed the Android logo on the top, and an array of ports on the rear. I immediately grabbed it, and bought it.

After returning home, I plugged it in, and it worked perfectly. It has Android 4.4.2 installed on it currently. After further research, I found it also has a Quad core processor, and presumably 1-4GB of RAM? It also has 16GB of storage.

The mini Android PC has a wide variety of apps preinstalled, from Netflix, to Google’s apps, to a file browser. All the apps open up, very quickly, without any hesitation.

As for ports, it has two USBs, an optical out, AV out, ethernet, another mini USB port, and a HDMI out for TVs or a computer monitor.

Performance wise; the little computer is snappy, and fast so far. It boots fairly quick also. Apps like Fallout Shelter run smoothly, and web browsing does as well.

For the Design; the little Android PC, is pretty generic looking, with shiny black plastic and matte silver. It is also pretty lightweight too, but doesn’t feel cheap.


This Android mini computer I bought, for $4.00, is not bad at all. It can be used for either a media streaming device, or as a second mini PC! Overall, it’s an interesting little machine, with tons of potential!

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  1. arunphilip

    It would be nice if you could install CPU-Z on it (or something equivalent) and identify the underlying hardware - i.e. the SOC, amount of RAM, storage, etc.

    $4 is laughably cheap, so well done on a great purchase.

    Let's see - this is a phone, minus the telephony radios (and associated licenses), minus the GPS (I assume), minus the screen, cameras and batteries. It just goes to show how commoditized these core SOCs are. It also shows why manufacturers are now nuts about putting Wi-Fi/Bluetooth into all sorts of devices (washing machines, etc.) as the increase in bill of materials is negligible at the same time giving a nice marketing bullet point.

    PS: I hope you have a burner Google account to use while signing into such devices of unknown provenance. You never know what sort of info these devices might be phoning home.

  2. sprewell

    Install the Termux app for a command line, and run `top` and `cat /proc/cpuinfo` to get RAM and CPU info. Amazing price but doubt it really costs that little, they probably just dumped it on thrift stores after it didn't sell at a much higher price.

  3. Paul Thurrott

    You can't beat the price. :) That is amazing.

  4. poscad

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