$4.00 Android Mini Computer Review!


Yesterday, I acquired an interesting little device at Savers thrift store for only $3.99. While shopping, I noticed the Android logo on the top, and an array of ports on the rear. I immediately grabbed it, and bought it.

After returning home, I plugged it in, and it worked perfectly. It has Android 4.4.2 installed on it currently. After further research, I found it also has a Quad core processor, and presumably 1-4GB of RAM? It also has 16GB of storage.

The mini Android PC has a wide variety of apps preinstalled, from Netflix, to Google’s apps, to a file browser. All the apps open up, very quickly, without any hesitation.

As for ports, it has two USBs, an optical out, AV out, ethernet, another mini USB port, and a HDMI out for TVs or a computer monitor.

Performance wise; the little computer is snappy, and fast so far. It boots fairly quick also. Apps like Fallout Shelter run smoothly, and web browsing does as well.

For the Design; the little Android PC, is pretty generic looking, with shiny black plastic and matte silver. It is also pretty lightweight too, but doesn’t feel cheap.


This Android mini computer I bought, for $4.00, is not bad at all. It can be used for either a media streaming device, or as a second mini PC! Overall, it’s an interesting little machine, with tons of potential!

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