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I am looking for recommendations for Windows based hardware solutions capable of managing Premier Pro workloads. I would not consider the workloads to be hardcore, but day to day editing and other basic video editing functions. The potential user is a recent graduate of the Vancouver School of Film and is just starting out on his own. He currently has a 4-5 year old MacBook Air and would like to get him a upgrade for Christmas. He has also indicated he would like to move to a Windows based device.

I was looking at a Surface Pro 6, perhaps based on the i5 core? What do we think of it’s capability of handing those workloads?

Any other thoughts?

Thanks /paul

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    I'm not a Premier Pro user, but I believe you would benefit from a dGPU. So perhaps a Surface Book 2 with dGPU would be an even better fit.

  2. Poppapete

    Huawei MateBook X Pro

    See Pauls's review.

  3. wright_is

    The real question is, what sort of videos is he going to be editing? How many and how long?

    If it is Full HD clips or short films, most systems with an SSD and a discrete graphics will be fine.

    If he is doing full length films, then multiple or large SSDs and backup to HDD would be better, along with more memory.

    If he is doing 4K, more power, more storage and more RAM is needed and a decent display.

    RED 8K?

    Is he going to be doing it on the move only or will he be working in a studio and need good color calibration? In which case the choice of displays is more limited and more expensive.

    If he is studio based, then a real desktop or workstation will be a lot faster, if he has to do everything on the move, then a more powerful laptop is needed, but the performance will be much more limited (but still more than he is used to with the MacBook Air). If he is constantly moving around, then a smaller laptop, with less performance, will be more convinient to carry, but a larger laptop with a "proper" processor will offer more performance, but less convinient if he has to lug it to several diffferent locations during a working day. If he can wait until he is back in the "office", a desktop is a much better tool for this type of work, add a Cintiq display and a 5K or 8K cablibrated display and you have a professional solution.

    There are certainly options out there in all categories, but until you know what he is going to be editing and where, it is difficult to recommend a single solution.

  4. paebischer

    Absolutely some great ideas here guys and thank you.

    The user will not primarily be working in full length content, or 4k/8k content. At least not at this point I do not think. He is trying to apply to the local film union so he can start working on some local (Albuquerque, NM) projects and get his proverbially "foot in the door". I just want to primarily get him something that he can use that will be a decent step up from his MacBook Air and be able to handle some mid level workloads. When I asked him what his primary application use case was he mentioned Adobe Premiere Pro, but probably nothing in the ultra high rez scope.

    Great input here and the take away is at least core i7, 16gb ram, dGPU, SSD. I like the DEll lines as I have a 2015 xps13 that has been a fine machine. The Hauwei Matebook Pro looks appealing, along with the Surface line. I love the Surface products.

    You have given me some food for thought here guys. Thank you again!


    • wright_is

      In reply to paebischer:

      The XPS15 or a small Precision would be the obvious choice then, going by what you say.

      If he is going to be using it for work, consider the next workday warranty extension, this is something you won't get with Microsoft or Apple, and if he is using for his living, it is a small investment for peace of mind.

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