Advice on buying a 40+" monitor for next 10years


Hi, it’s been really a long time since I last bought a monitor, so I’m looking for a large display at lease 37″ or above. I will mostly use it for office and visual studio and watching movies and some occasional gaming. I will use it for next 10years, so I want to future proof it.

Do you have any experience what should I be looking for?

Probably 4K, HDR, I don’t know what panels technology is best this time? I don’t need response times as I don’t game that much, and I mostly play RTS games.

Please give me advice what I need to be careful about

I will be using the cheaper version of surface book 2 but after that as i get out of school i will go for something more powerfull and i’m willing to pay for the monitor up to 1K$

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  1. wright_is

    The other question is, what sort of PC do you have or more importantly, what sort of video card do you have?

    Does it support [email protected]? A lot of older / less powerful graphic cards only support [email protected], which means that animations aren't fluid and the mouse pointer "hops" across the screen. Be sure that you have support, before investing, otherwise you will be disappointed or you will have face additional, unexpected costs for a new card / new machine.

    Key to look for is HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.2 output from your video card. If it is HDMI 1.x or DisplayPort 1.1, it will do [email protected] at best.

    As to displays, I like the Dell UltraSharps, but I haven't had anything that big, so no concrete recommendations.

  2. lecter

    For watching movies you'd need to make sure the HDMI input supports HDCP 2.2 and the display should ideally support Dolby Vision, which also includes "regular" HDR10 support...maybe a TV instead of a monitor would work out best? If you also intend to watch actual TV on it, there's (yet) another HDR standard for broadcasting - HLG, so it should also support that. For games it would be nice to also have Freesync (Freesync 2 is the newest) or G-Sync, depending on whether you tend to use AMD or Nvidia cards...G-Sync is supposedly "better", but it requires an Nvidia card. In my opinion this should pretty much future-proof it for many years to come.

  3. dhoomkethu

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