Advice on buying a 40+" monitor for next 10years


Hi, it’s been really a long time since I last bought a monitor, so I’m looking for a large display at lease 37″ or above. I will mostly use it for office and visual studio and watching movies and some occasional gaming. I will use it for next 10years, so I want to future proof it.

Do you have any experience what should I be looking for?

Probably 4K, HDR, I don’t know what panels technology is best this time? I don’t need response times as I don’t game that much, and I mostly play RTS games.

Please give me advice what I need to be careful about

I will be using the cheaper version of surface book 2 but after that as i get out of school i will go for something more powerfull and i’m willing to pay for the monitor up to 1K$

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