An Interview with Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger


Definitely worth a read. From Stratechery:

Intel has been one of the companies I have focused on from the very beginning of Stratechery. Back then Intel was the unquestioned leader in advanced chip manufacturing, and I urged the company to build a foundry business; then the company lost its leadership position to TSMC, even as TSMC’s dominance raised significant geopolitical concerns.

A little over a year ago I argued the company should be split up, but then Pat Gelsinger returned to Intel with a plan he called IDM 2.0. The vision was compelling: Intel would gain all of the benefits of a split while retaining the advantages of being a single company. The skepticism is about whether or not Intel can actually pull it off.

I got a chance to talk to Gelsinger earlier this week about IDM 2.0, the acquisition of Tower Semiconductor, and the choices Intel did not make.

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  1. dougkinzinger

    I really think Pat knows what he's doing. Smart to bring fabs back to the US (even though it'll take some time before they're up and running). Smart to invest further in US-based labor and locations. Smart to acknowledge past failures, lethargy, and smart to wake up to a different world.

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