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Is audio lag on Bluetooth headphones normal? I continue to play CODMW2 Spec Ops after all these years, as I love them. I’ve recently tried to play with a couple of pairs of Bluetooth headphones, but find that the audio is a slightly out of sync with the game play when I do. So when I shoot, the gunshot sound is half a second or so after I click the mouse. Go back to my desktop speakers and everything is fine. I’m currently wondering if its my USB Broadcom BCM20702 Bluetooth adapter, and whether I need to invest in a more modern one, or if its the old game causing the issues.

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  1. cavalier_eternal

    Bluetooth Audio has some latency but I don’t know that it is the cause of what you are seeing. I think it most situations it’s not really noticeable, where it becomes a problem for me is in music recording and production but even in those instances it isn’t to do the degree you are talking about.. For something like a recording audio for a podcast or watching a movie on a laptop/phone/tablet all generally work fine. That said, there are instances where it becomes really pronounced, like beyond just normal latency (YouTube on an iPhone for example. I’m not sure if that is google or apple) so you are probably running into something game or or headset specific/adapter specific.

    I realize that was totally not helpful.

  2. wright_is

    Half a second is a bit long, but a could of tenths of a second is normal. That is why wireless headphones are fine for audio, but they are not so good if there is also video.

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