bought a surface pro 3


bought a surface pro 3 I7 8gb/256gb model should i force creators update or wait to get it.

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  1. mdb17

    I haven't had any issues but it just really depends on you comfort level with troubleshooting if you do have a problem.

  2. TraderGary

    I have a Surface Pro 3 i5/8GB/256GB and a Surface Book i7/16GB/512GB and updated both as soon as the creators update was available. I've had no issues with either one.

  3. adamjarvis

    If you access the classic control panel a fair bit, stick with Windows 10 AU 1607. I currently switch between AU and CU, on two different laptops. I've not found anything in Windows 10 CU that I need over Windows 10 AU. If anything, its more annoying regards privacy settings and the lack of link to the control panel in the right click start menu. It's a mostly hidden under the hood, type of update. It genuinely isn't worth wasting an hour+ updating for, unless MS are forcing you to. Your Kids might like Paint 3D, but not a tool I use.

  4. Wizzwith

    I have the same SP3 configuration, put CU on it, works fine.

  5. anchovylover

    Hi MIKEMAN450. Personally, I would wait for the CU to come through naturally. You have just spent a not insignificant sum of money on a new device. Why take the chance of an issue occurring? In any event, CU while tinkering around the edges really didn't deliver any earth shattering must have new features. Just my opinion, I would wait.

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