Converted my aging SP3 to a Chromebook (with chrome OS not chromium)


i converted my aging SP3 to a Chromebook using project croissant ( not sure about sharing links because of the legality ) it’s Chrome OS not chromium had app store working and Linux is working everything works except the microphone which I might work on . This did teach me alot about using Linux which was fun . But tbh maybe because I grew up with windows. Chrome OS is just too simple for me but it’s good for just browsing etc

Anyway fun little project for anyone with ageing hardware

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  1. jimchamplin

    CloudReady is much easier to install and is supported by Neverware.

    Does croissant get Android support?

  2. BigM72

    Are there any benefits to this? Is there a noticeable perf improvement for example? (I remember getting this when converting old desktop PCs from XP/Vista to the linux of the time).

    Any issues of things not working or other bugs? (I can imagine drivers being a bit more challenging with specialised kit like surface pro tablets).