Dell Latitude E7370 Quick Review

A few days ago, I bought a used, Dell Latitude E7370 business ultrabook.  It is basically the sister of the Dell XPS 13, and is a gorgeous lightweight laptop.


The Dell Latitude E7370 is a beautiful, slim ultrabook, and lightweight too. It came with two options, a carbon or a Macbook-esque metal finish. My model has the metal finish, and it is really nice. The body of the laptop is made of high quality materials and feels very sturdy. The laptop is a featherweight machine, and is effortless to pick up. Unlike the Dell XPS 13, this model has no fan, because of the Intel M5 chip, and makes it very lap-able.


The Dell Latitude I have features a Intel M5-6Y54 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD. The performance, is very good, and seems comprabable to the Intel I5-5300 in my Thinkpad X1 carbon. I haven’t yet tried video editing or photo editing. I am sure those will be fine. All other tasks on the Intel M5, are a breeze.

The Display

My Dell Latitude E7370, has a beautiful edgeless, 1920 x 1980 display and is an IPS panel. It looks really sharp and beautiful. The E7370 also comes with a 4K display with touch also.

The keyboard

The keyboard on the E7370 is actually very nice to type on. It has very good key travel. The keyboard is slightly tight, and takes time getting used to, especially coming from a Thinkpad keyboard.

The Trackpad

The trackpad on the E7370, is really good, and precise. It is comparable to my Thinkpad X1’s trackpad. The E7370 does have physical buttons, which I appreciate highly.


The E7370 has lots of ports. It has two USB-C, one to charge the laptop. It has a regular USB port, audio, HDMI, and MicroSD slot. It doesn’t feel lacking in this department.


The Dell Latitude E7370 is very portable, and lightweight. It’s equally as light as a Thinkpad X1 carbon, weighing 2.7Lbs.

The Webcam

The E7370 has the webcam, placed on the bottom of the sceeen, and is only 720P. If you regularly use Skype, this may not be the best machine.

Audio Quality

The speakers in the E7370 sound alright, but not the best.

Battery Life

So far the battery life is pretty good. It has lasted several hours. It isn’t as good as Thinkpad X1, but is good enough for traveling, business or college work.


The Dell E7370  is an excellent business ultrabook. It is lightweight, beautiful looking, has a beautiful edgeless display. The performace is decent. If you come across a Dell Latitude E7370 under $500 used, I recommend getting one!

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