Finding a place to sell computer hardware


So, I have a few pieces of hardware that I want to sell: M1 MacBook Pro and a Pixelbook Go. My limited knowledge of selling hardware online tells me that selling them on ebay is the solution. However, I am curious if there are other places that are decent for doing this. I’d like to avoid face-to-face selling as I live in an area with a fair bit of property crime.

Do any of you folks have suggestions for places to sell these items?

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  1. lvthunder

    If you are wanting new Apple stuff Apple will buy their stuff back. Gazelle also buys some hardware.

  2. andrew b.

    For Apple stuff, I've had good luck with Pixelbook? Good luck. Anything non-Apple seems to be worth next to nothing once you get it out of the store.

  3. Phil.Cofounder0112

    the first place and I think ebay is a good solution as you mentioned

  4. Chris_Kez

    Swappa has been really good for me. They used to be just phones, but over the years have gradually expanded their scope to cover a wide spectrum of tech stuff, including your MacBook and Pixelbook. Forums can be another good place to sell stuff if you're part of a community. MacRumors, for example, has a large and active forum and their classified section is only open to members who've been part of the community for 6+ months and made more than 250 posts, which generally weeds out a lot of sketchy stuff. Other forums are less restrictive. Back when Windows Phone was a thing, the WPCentral forum was a great place to buy/sell/trade stuff.