First Gen Surface Book battery Swollen


I have a 3 year old surface book with a swollen battery under the keyboard. Anyone experience this? If so, did you try to get Microsoft to do anything about the problem?

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  1. Winner

    Don't you love non-removable batteries?

    My daughter's MacBook had the same problem. Apple managed to fix it.

  2. lvthunder

    I've seen the battery swell in the screen, but not the base. Take it to a Microsoft Store. They replaced my friend's not too long ago.

  3. lwetzel

    Had this problem so I retired the unit. I was afraid of it exploding and catching fire. I plan to give it to MS store for disposal. I doubt it will be replaced without paying as much for the repair as the unit cost.

  4. earlster

    I guess I should have looked into this sort of thing before I bought my SP 4 Pro, I expect a reasonable cost battery replacement service but nope.

    It' still good as my non-development laptop replacement, but the battery is at <60%. When looking into battery replacement options, MS is not useful at all. They have a refurb replacement service at $650, which doesn't make financial sense. Or I can go the iFixit DIY route for <$100 in parts and tools and hope for the best, but it looks to be quite a tough job.

    Unless MS figures out how to make battery replacement at least competitive with Apple I won't be buying another Surface Pro.

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