Google Assistant – Have I backed the right horse?


A few months ago I purchased two Google Home Assistants at the same time as two Google Wi-Fi APs when we moved into a larger house. I chose the Google Assistants over Amazon Alexa because at the time my thinking was that Google (with all of their AI clout) would be the better long term solution and would connect to more ‘stuff’ in a more intelligent way.

The problem is that I’m also a heavy Amazon user, I buy from them, I listen to Audible, I’m a Amazon Prime member so use their TV and music services. All of which would work ‘better’ if I was also using Amazon Alexa, rather than Google Home.

I’ve no real interest in home automation, beyond maybe buying a Ring Doorbell (Now Amazon), and its the Entertainment side of Assistants that I’m more interested in.

Unless something changes, I think I did back the wrong horse.

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