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Yet, the overall market for wearable devices is experiencing turbulence. Worldwide sales for smartwatches plunged 52% in the third quarter compared to the same period a year earlier, according to a recent report by IDC.

Surely this is not a saturation moment – too early for that. Are fitness bands losing their appeal?



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  1. 230

    As a "normal", I look at them a little differently.  I'm not so sure they are fitness bands, so much as notification bands with fitness attachments - at least that is what they have all grown into. And after the novelty, I'm wondering if people are just tired of the constant drain on attention- it's now further removed than having to lug your phone out of your pocket.


    Perhaps I'm wrong.  But the factional attention these wearables encourage is perhaps the bigger issue, and now that the early adopters have adopted, things are petering out.


    I may be completely off base, but it's why I have resisted upgrading my Fitbit and my Suunto.  I know I would enable the features, and they're features I'm not looking forward to.  Resistance is futile, though...

  2. Simard57

    the outlook for the wearables market is not looking rosier