How Long Do Samsung Phones Get Updates?


I continually see Samsung lumped with other handset makers in that they are derelict of their duty to release OS/security updates. Well… I don’t have any definite numbers, but I have a Galaxy S7 on Verizon which just received an OTA update bring it up to the October 1 Security Patch. It appears that Samsung does go beyond the 2 year mark if this is consistent behavior, because the S7 was released back in March of 2016 according to Wikipedia. It will be interesting to see when I stop getting patches.

What is the oldest Samsung device people have gotten updates on?

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  1. jimchamplin

    Isn't it like a week? ;)

  2. wright_is

    My brother-in-laws Galaxy S4 mini hasn't had any updates in about 4 years.

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