HP Spectre 360 Battery Capacity – info request!


I have had a Spectre sent back to HP for poor battery performance – I was getting only 3 hours on battery. They “supposedly” replaced the battery after confirming the problem but I am still not seeing what I expect – it is up to 4 hours.

battery report (powercfg /batteryreport) before the service showed:


2018-01-16 54,701 mWh 54,701 mWh

2018-01-17 54,701 mWh 54,701 mWh

2018-01-18 54,701 mWh 54,701 mWh

it now shows:


2018-01-27 58,848 mWh 58,848 mWh

2018-01-28 58,397 mWh 58,397 mWh

2018-01-29 58,397 mWh 58,397 mWh

better – but from reviews I expected over 6 hours life.

before I contact HP again – I wonder if any other Spectre 360 owner can check their battery capacity and post results here!

thank you

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    Is this the latest 360? Or the previous gen? You should never be seeing that kind of battery life either way, but I could at least test it.

    • Simard57

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      running from cmd window

      powercfg /batteryreport

      it was a purchase from last august so I am six months into my warranty period

      the batteryreport is deposited in the directory that the command is run from. it is cleverly named something like battery-report.html which can be views in a browser of course

    • Simard57

      In reply to paul-thurrott:


      I read in your article on the HP ARM Laptop that you have a standard battery life test you perform. Can I easily replicated that test? Is it documented somewhere?

  2. Paul Thurrott

    Also, are you using the command line Windows battery life measurement to get this?

  3. Polycrastinator

    That seems wrong, unless you're running in high performance mode all the time or similar. FWIW, my Thinkpad X1 Yoga has a designed capacity of 56,000 and actual of just shy of 58,000, and I can happily get a day's worth of use out of mine (although I am notoriously light on batteries in comparison to most folks).

    Have you looked to see what your CPU utilization looks like and if you have anything in the background chewing up a lot of cycles?

    • Simard57

      In reply to Polycrastinator:

      it has been perform like this since the day it was delivered.

      It has the default power management settings.

      nothing jumps out from task manager though I do see Edge at time running at high levels of CPU

      other suggestions what to look for would help

      I ran powerfcg /energy and have to go through the results. I have yet to do so.

      I did notice that connected standby was not supported which I found surprising.

  4. AnOldAmigaUser

    In the Battery usage section, it lists the duration of time on battery and the energy drained. You can copy this to Excel, then calculate an average of Energy drained per unit of time, and use that to calculate a theoretical amount of time you should get from a charge.

    The duration is formatted as h:mm:ss so you have to convert that to a single unit, I used hours.

    Then divide the energy drained in mWh by that.

    Average all the values.

    Divide the current full charge capacity by that average.

    That is what you can theoretically expect, but there is always a difference between theory and reality. There is an old, inappropriate joke that ends, "In theory, we are sitting on two million dollars..."

    My laptop shows that I should expect 6.8 hours, and I am sure I have never seen that. I have gotten over four hours with battery left; and I have run it down in less than three hours to the low battery warning, so obviously it is inexact. The more you run it on battery, the more data you will have so the better the estimate will be.

    • Simard57

      In reply to AnOldAmigaUser:

      thanks - I have decided I will punt back to HP once I get back from vacation and let them diagnose the problem. It clearly is not performing as expected.

      thank you everyone for confirming this.

  5. wright_is

    I have a Skylake X360, it says design capactiy was 53KwH, 45KwH currently remaining.

    I got around 8 hours when new and it still hold for most of a working day (occassionally shutting it when taking breaks, going between meetings etc.).

  6. Simard57

    Update if it matters:

    received Laptop back from HP. In a strange twist, FEDEX alerted me to expect a delivery but HP claimed it hadn't been shipped. FEDEX was right.

    The battery improved very little. I have used it for a while since getting it back and decided to contact HP support again (they had contacted me after I answered their survey with poor experiences). They had me update the BIOS (is it still called BIOS if it is UEFI?) and disable the startup apps. They also asked I drain the battery a few times to improve performance - calibrating the battery. This improved things but still getting 5 hours or a bit more while just surfing the web. I decided to continue using it for a week or more but expect to have to return it again. I hope they do more than just slap a new battery in it and return it to me. The CPS seems to routinely run hot as per task manager. is there a way to monitor that for a longer period of time to figure out what is causing it?

  7. Simard57

    Does HP know what it is doing??????????????

    Warning Long Post!

    I sent the Laptop back to HP due to the continue poor battery life. I did so after following the same scripted diagnostic steps the support person asked me to do. After a few days, I called them back to report there was NO improvement and the person sent authorized another round through support. He indicated that since they replaced the battery, it may be the motherboard. I don't care what it is - I want it fixed.

    for a strange reason, they shipped return box to local Walgreens so I had to pick it up. Last time (Feb) they shipped to my home! I packaged it up the same day and included an written description of the systems (including the battery-report.html) and the last repair order number. On Thursday, FEDEX indicated it arrived at HP repair. I checked the online repair status and it shows:

    Your product has not yet been received by HP.

    Your product is in transit to HP on this tracking number 780256488883

    well if you check the FEDEX site, it shows being signed for an delivered.

    Since this happened before (in Feb) I just sat tight. On Sat @ 2:14 AM I get an SMS from HP that the laptop has been shipped back. Check the online repair status and it shows the above (it still shows the above). So Sat I get online with the HP support and go around with them.

    Laptop has not arrived, I provide the shipping info.

    oh yes it has arrived but it is not repaired, I provide the return shipping info

    I grow frustrated and ask they call me to talk

    I explain that this happened before and I want to know what has been done to fix the issue. Support guy explains how the HP process works and the repair would be logged in. I again provide the return shipping info and point out it has the HP repair authorization number, my laptop serial number and shows laptop arriving on Monday (less than 2 days). He points out that the box I shipped in was 6 pounds and the one that was being returned only weighed 4 pounds - they should match. I point out that the repair order, laptop serial number and all are in the shipping info. He still believed that the laptop has not been shipped back and said he would call on Tuesday to check with me.

    of course laptop was in box FEDEX shipped back. the repair sheet shows they replaced the battery AGAIN. Why they think this would work the second time when it hasn't the first time is beyond me!

    I take it home and fire it up. only 73% battery so I plug it in and go out to dinner and a drink (HP!!!!). head home, 100% charge so I unplug it and use it. A few Tabs in Edge (CNN, FB, ESPN), FB Messenger and that is about it. Closed the lid after letting it run a couple of hours. Woke up - laptop dead, battery drained (no hibernate?? no sleep??). Plugged it in, powered it up , ran a new battery report -- just over 2 hours... Damn you HP!

    well round three begins. I am going to call tonite and ask to speak to a supervisor to ask for a replacement since they struck out twice. Do I have a chance?

    I expect better of HP - much better!!! they appear incompetent. Their repair status website is less than worthless - it is deceitful.

    • Simard57

      In reply to Simard57:


      I called HP Spectre support to talk through my options. I sensed the run around and asked to talk to a supervisor. The supervisor was asking me to reinstall the OS and give it more time. I said HP has had two chances and I wanted them to replace the laptop.

      Supervisor passed me to a case manager in consumer escalations team.

      After a total of 55 minutes on the phone, they agreed to replace my laptop but because it was a custom built one, I have to wait three weeks for it to be delivered. Of course that winds up right in the middle of a trip I have so I have to bump it out longer.

      Additionally I received an email from HP Service DeliveryAlert telling me that they haven't received my laptop yet. It took 4 email for me to communicate that yes, I sent it in; yes, HP acknowledged they received; yes, HP alerted me that they had shipped it; and yes, that it arrived yesterday. HP support is not coming across well in dealing with me.