Is it smart for Nintendo to sit out Black Friday?


I’ve been following the black Friday news and have noticed Nintendo is not discounting the Switch. I am a little surprised by this move considering it has now been in the market for roughly 20 months. This is interesting and makes me wonder about their strategy. Is it still just so successful that they don’t feel there is a need to discount at this point? Is it still too expensive to manufacture and distribute at a reduced cost? Are they just being arrogant? Is this a smart move? Does the Switch have the same staying power as Xbox or PS?

I never jumped on the Switch. We did the Wii thing. It was a decent “console” for the kids at the time. I can’t help but remember just how quickly it seemed to fade. Remembering that, and accounting for the fact that our family gaming needs have changed as the kids have gotten older, I felt $300 was just too high for us. I like the idea of the Switch and I like low learning curve family games (think Asteroids or Mario Bros), something I feel is lacking a bit from Xbox and PS. But I guess I’ll wait another year and see where the price, device popularity, and family interest is. $300 is still not the right price for us.

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