Lenovo X1 Tablet (3rd Gen)


Looking at the Lenovo X1 Tablet (3rd Gen), it looks like the Surface Pro 5/2018 that we would actually want from Microsoft.

Features include:

8th Gen Intel Core i5/i7

USB C ports (Sadly no USB A but I can live with that)

USB C charging

Thunderbolt 3

Keyboard and Pen included

And even some parts are user servicable!!

I hope Microsoft is paying attention

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  1. PeterC

    Yes this has my serious attention too. Not entirely sure about the larger screen as love the portability or the surface design and docked can work great as a desktop providing the ram and chip are decent. I just can’t find one to try out anywhere.

    >> I ended up picking a refurbed Surface Pro 2017 i7 8Gb 256 for £950 with a 12 month warranty. Rrp in UK £1449 so I was pretty chuffed. Basically must have had a screen prob and was returned. I could just make out that a new screen had been fitted - slight visible glue line around the left front speaker, very faint but hey who cares, its really not noticeable at all. New box, pwr supply etc all perfect condition, no scratches etc.

  2. Lauren Glenn

    Only reason I don't buy a Windows tablet (or most tablets) is low amounts of storage. I'd love a user replaceable storage option (even an M.2 drive) and the ability to open it. I just took my old Timeline X out of storage and reapplied thermal paste to the CPU and it runs pretty decently for what I was using it for... video watching and iTunes syncing to my iPod Classic, but I can put a 2TB drive in there and have enough storage for whatever I need. (it doesn't seem to want to go GPT and 4TB drives are too large to fit in terms of height). If someone can make a Windows tablet I can put DIMMs in (or whatever the current term is) and an M.2 drive for upgradable storage, I'd buy it. Until then.....

  3. ne0kn1ght

    I think this thing is a real contender vs the Surface Pro. I would love to hear Paul review it.

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