Lenovo Yoga 920


I’m looking for 8th Gen CPU in a new laptop and was considering the Lenovo Yoga 920 (Link) – Non 4K version due to cost. Not for gaming and mostly general use. What do people think?

The Lenovo Yoga 920 is also missing an Ethernet and HDMI port. What adapter do people recommended to gain this capability through a USB-C port? Note that I’m located in Sydney Australia and need something I can purchase from here.


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  1. rameshthanikodi

    I've heard nothing but good things from Lenovo's Yoga 9xx line of laptops.

    As for the USB-C port...it has Thunderbolt 3, so the best way to get Ethernet and HDMI out of it would be to get a Thunderbolt dongle/dock.

  2. ChristopherCollins

    Get the 4K version if you go for it. The FHD screen has noticeable pixels and the colors are off a bit. Otherwise, fantastic machine. It has a full size right shift key (finally)

  3. AshlyThompson

    Hi Lerch, black friday is coming. Maybe you should wait a little and then buy something with Ethernet and HDMI port included :)

    • Lerch

      In reply to AshlyThompson:

      Yes good advice as its my preference to purchase something with HDMI, DVD drive, Ethernet included and I've been looking towards Black Friday for a purchase, but the problem is finding a descent 8th Gen system.

      Lenovo - Thinkpads are only 7th Gen. Yoga has 8th Gen.

      Asus - No 8th Gen systems

      Dell - XPS has endless hardware reliability issues according to many recent reviews

      HP - owned 2 previous machines and they always underperformed their specs.

      MS - Only 7th Gen systems

      Others - Not worth mentioning.

      Choices are very limited.

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