Looking for a modem/router… any advice?


SO I’m moving to Seattle next week, and would rather not pay the $10 to Comcast for a modem/router. My apartment is only 650 sq feet, and my speeds are going to be around 25mpbs. Any suggestions?


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  1. 3229


    Wireless N (not at the level of AC, but still good), and it has IPv6 simple security so you don't have to worry about getting your device's firewall right to turn on IPv6.

  2. 180

    I prefer to get the router and modem separately, that way I have a bit more versatility if I switch providers. I have this modem:


    And a TP-Link Archer C9:


    The modem is a good, reliable, established model, and the router is good too, although it may be overkill for what you need. Depending on where you are, AC can be worth paying for as it's better at dealing with congested WiFi channels, a concern depending on how many neighbors your apartment will have.

  3. FalseAgent

    Even if you're in a small apartment I recommend getting a router that plays nice with mesh networking, and I suggest getting devices that can connect exclusively via AC 5ghz.

  4. bharris

    I love my Asus GT-AC5300....well, all but the cost. Before going with this model, I tried the $150 router, the extenders....all of that. Pulled all of that out & put this router in, Never messed with it again. Firmware is very full featured and is still updated two or three a year (automatically). It has mesh capabilities with some other Asus routers but one unit covers my house/yard nicely. The only drawback really is the relatively high price.

  5. wright_is

    I always use AVM Fritz!Box routers. Good quality and regular updates.

  6. ErichK

    My mother and I are with Comcast too and we decided to do the same thing, so I bought a SURFboard SVG2482AC. A bit pricey, but we split the cost and I figured in time it will eventually pay for itself.