Move over Dell XPS, Lenovo X1 Carbon and Macbook!


Yesterday, I acquired an amazing piece of technology. A laptop smaller than any laptop today, and is still a fully functioning computer. A Toshiba Libretto 70CT.


The Toshiba Libretto is a bit bigger than the Nintendo DS. You can carry it around in your purse, coat jacket or even pant pocket. It is extremely portable, and well made with hard plastics. It features a trackpoint on the display for the mouse and buttons on the lid for left and right click. The Libretto came with a docking station to allow other devices to be plugged in, like a floppy drive. The Libretto features a PCMIA slot to plug in like a modem. The battery in the Libretto can be easily swapped out.


The Toshiba Libretto 70CT, has a full Pentium MMX processor, 32MB of RAM, 1.6GB HDD and 1MB of video and can handle any task thrown at it, from word processing to some gaming. It is amazingly robust for such a small computer from the 1990s.


The display is 6.1″ big and has a 640×480 with True color and the display looks very nice!


The Libretto 70CT comes with Windows 95 and has all the included preinstalled programs that come with Windows. My Libretto has a ton of software included with it like Microsoft Office.


The Toshiba Libretto 70CT is amazing computer for the 1990s and is still amazing today!

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8 responses to “Move over Dell XPS, Lenovo X1 Carbon and Macbook!”

  1. jimchamplin

    You can get 98 or (Don't laugh, my retail copy always installed to wonderfully fast and stable systems) Windows Me on there. Then you can really be the guy!

  2. rameshthanikodi

    those are actually pretty good specs for a portable of it's time, but of course, laptops improved really quickly during that time as well, you'd be looking at dual-core 4:3 laptops just a few years later!

  3. Paul Thurrott

    Nicely done.

  4. Brad Sams

    This is neat, mind if we use this for throwback thursday?

  5. jwpear

    Brings back good memories!  My first laptop was a Toshiba Satellite.  I think I purchased it around 1993.

  6. ErichK

    You should do one of those "Can I survive on one of these for a month" videos for YouTube. :)