Need Help to fix Windows Update Error 0x800700c1


So, I am on version 1903, but I did see updates for 1903 and an optional update for 1909. I tried to install both, but they fail. The error says, There were problems installing some updates, but we’ll try again later. I tried running the troubleshooter, but it did not find any solutions. I tried sfc scannow and the dism command and both came up with an error too. Anyone else with this problem?

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    Download the Media Creation Tool, create an ISO with the tool for your version of Windows 10, disconnect the computer from the Internet, right-click the ISO and select the "Mount" option, in the mounted virtual drive run setup.exe, un-check the options for improving the experience and the option for downloading additional drivers the run then install. It will do an in-place upgrade without losing files or apps. If that doesn't solve it then you have an application blocking the install such as an anti-virus program or something else that has its own drivers.

    Edit - The other possibility is a corrupted registry, in which case backup your data and do a clean install.

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    I had some magic update errors in the past and I now believe that internet is the pile of garbage when it comes to update error advice. Microsoft itself cannot figure out what is going on. 0x800700c1 in 2019? Seriously? With all the AI BS going on this is the best they can say?

    Anyway, the best strategy with update errors was "wait for the next update" or "reset windows". Everything else is just a waste of time. Days and days of internet search, learning about log files here and there and maybe getting some malware in the process.

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    I ran the Windows Update trouble shooter, it repaired the database and then tried to apply the pending updates but it failed. On the Windows cumulative update I got 0x80004002 error while with the Windows Defender one I got 0x80070643.

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    I’m still stuck on 1809. It periodically tries to download and update, but it always fails. The error codes are worthless.

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    Petri (sister site to might be a better place to find help. I think that site is dedicated to IT support topics and articles.

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    I can't remember the error code exactly but it was certainly similar - and this will probably only apply if it's a domain joined machine with group policies applied to it, but we found a registry item - HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\DoNotConnectToWindowsUpdateInternetLocations - was enabled (set to 1) and preventing, in our case, downloads from the Windows Store (we use SCCM for Windows Updates).

    Could be worth checking if this is present in your registry and if so, try setting it to 0 (disabled). Alternatively, create it manually (DWORD) and set to 0. Usual "take care in the registry" warnings apply.

    This is the problem with such generic error messages. It's a needle in a haystack. We found the above by nothing more than dumb luck, and still haven't found what was switching it on. If this is the cause, you might need to get onto your IT department as it might just keep getting set back to 1.

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    Core question: Why is Windows Update so bad?

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      In reply to jimchamplin:

      Not sure that it is. There are just SO MANY different configurations of PCs that is almost an impossible task.

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        In reply to lwetzel:

        Those configurations should have zero to do with Windows Update's ability to download and patch the OS. Those configurations come down to drivers for individual peripherals.

        If Windows is able to read and write to primary storage, and has an active network connection, Windows Update should never fail. I can run apt upgrade on a Debian Linux system that's has only a functioning network connection, while the rest of the hardware is unsupported and it works.

        Windows Update has always felt like an overly-complicated pile of trash. That hasn't changed, so it must still be. Just look at how awful it is on Windows 7 and 8 for additional proof.

        Windows Update is BAD.

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    I had a similar issue on a Surface Go and I ended up having to do an upgrade install using the media creation tool.

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    Goto the Windows key+R and click it. Then open the Run Window and enter the cmd in a search box after that press ok. Then open the command prompt and type the command SFC/Scannow in the command prompt and press enter. The system will take some time to check.

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