Note 10 Initial Thoughts


I just got my 10+…as mentioned in many posts, I go back and forth between a Note and Pixel with the camera being the decision maker but here are some very early thoughts…

  • Let me cut to the chase…at this point, I still think the Pixel 3 XL takes the best photos. I’ve already battled blurry shots, loss of detail in zoomed in photos…battles I had with the Note 9. But the phone has taken some great shots as well…I have to get it credit there. The Pixel just seems to be more consistently great. And the Pixel is way better at low night shots. That said, considering all of the features that the Note 10 has and with the promise of continued Microsoft Integration, is it worth it to have a “Good Enough Great Camera” and not move to the Pixel 4 XL later?
  • Memory Management is already so much better than on my Pixel. Like night and day with apps having to reload all the time on the Pixel and here, they come back up like you left them.
  • As always, the screen is amazing.
  • On my Verizon Note 10+, a lot of bloat ware but all uninstallable or at least the option to disable.
  • Samsung apps, as expected, cannot be disabled
  • I immediately tried “Link To Windows” and it worked great. YourPhone built into the Note 10 is working well.
  • Though no fault of the phone, there is still work to be done with syncing “read” messages with YourPhone.
  • Screen Mirroring works surprisingly well. I believe you do need to be on the same network.
  • 256GB minimum storage is great. I know people like MicroSD option but to me, it always caused lag issues with the phones.
  • I am glad I pay for 2TB Google One as I forget I don’t get unlimited full res backup with Google Photos.
  • I’ve been using a Galaxy Watch for over a year now and it works as expected. I am giving Samsung Messages a fair shot since it works a little better with the watch but beyond a little more historical texts, no real advantage in using it over Android Messages.
  • Dex works great on both the Windows App via USB C or a USB C to HDMI cord directly into monitor. Even played media on the Windows App and worked flawlessly. Need it or not, it is a very nice option to have.

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