Noticed any Spectre/Meldown slow-downs?


Bring on all anecdotal data you may have.

I go first:

I run Ubuntu 17.10 on a HP EliteBook 840 G3 (i7-6500U 2.5GHz / 16GB RAM).

As a software developer I have some IDEs, VMs and git as my daily applications. After updating to kernel 4.13.0-25 (fixing most of the vulnerabilities I understand) I see a 100% slow-down in git operations (stuff that previously took 2 seconds now take 4-5 seconds, most notably checking out from the server) and some file-indexing operations in the IDEs are slow to complete but not much else.

Seems like disk and network took the most punishment.

Anyone else noticed any major slow-downs?

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6 responses to “Noticed any Spectre/Meldown slow-downs?”

  1. jimchamplin

    Nothing perceptible on an old quad-Core Xeon E3550.

  2. skane2600

    I think the elements that give the average user a perceived sense of performance are so complicated that it would be hard for them to tell.

  3. polloloco51

    I have noticed some lagging in Adobe Lightroom, when switching between photos. I am not sure, if it is related to the meltdown bug or not. It is very noticeable. As for games, web browsing, and video editing. I have not noticed anything yet!

  4. SWCetacean

    I haven't noticed anything on my personal Windows 10 machines. But on those machines all I do are web browsing and gaming. I haven't patched my Linux Mint work laptop yet (thanks for reminding me), but most of what I do is on servers and even my work laptop is mostly a terminal for those systems.

  5. sentinel6671

    Updated my Maximus VIII Hero from Asus a short while ago with the latest BIOS. I'm running an Intel Core i7-6700K on this board. Now running some video encoding to tax the system...not noticeably slower in the slightest. Probably not the best test though. Will have to check out Adobe Lightroom.