Oldest computer(s) you have?


What are the oldest computer(s) you have?


I have a 1999 HP Omnibook XE2 with Windows 2000. It has a Intel Celeron Processor, and 160MB of RAM. 


 I have a 1996 IBM Thinkpad 365XD, with Windows 98, an Intel Pentium processor, 24MB of ram.



 I have a 1995 Apple Powerbook 5300C with a PowerPC processor and 32MB of ram. 



I also have a Casio Cassiopeia CR-A10 Windows CE pocket PC. 




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    Oh man! Nice!

    I have long ago given away my oldest PCs, but I completely understand keeping this stuff around. I have strong memories of each of these.

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    Should add, too, that unti this summer, the oldest PC in my house was probably a 1990-ish Amiga 500. But I had a Mac Plus until a few years ago as well. 

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    I guess technically it would be my Radio Shack TRS-80 MC-10.  Bought it on eBay several years ago for the nostalgia because we had one back in 1983.  It uses cassettes!

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      In reply to ErichK: That's awesome, my first computer was the MC-10. I think somewhere at my parents house I still have the 16kb memory expansion pack and 300 baud DC2 modem.


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    I have a 2007 Asus that is the first and only laptop I've ever bought and I still used it on a almost daily basis

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    Nexus 7(2013). I tend to not keep very old computers. The only reason I still have that tablet is the known sorry state of Android tablets in 2016. Literally nothing out there to replace it with. So I my iPad Mini 4 is the daily driver.

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    Oldest computer I have that occasionally sees some action is an Apple iBook G4 (2003). I need it for some legacy Mac applications.

    I think I have a (probably very dusty) Amiga 500 in the attic.



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    Sinclair ZX81 followed by my Commodore VIC-20 and the C64 :)

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    My oldest is an IBM PC Jr needs power supply for the monitor but still boots.

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    Oldest one I have in the closet is a Digital Alpha PWS 500a, circa 1996 I believe? It was one of the Alpha processor systems capable of running Windows NT, if it were still possible to get a copy :)

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    A good old C64 (the new model) and diskdrive and GEOS :-)

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    I have a Synertek SYM-1 microcomputer from the late 1970s. My Dad took a microcomputer training class and brought this machine home. I taught myself 6502 assembly language programming on this machine and played such exciting games as "Hunt the Wumpus."

    Synertek SYM-1

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      In reply to kcarson97404:

      Nice, I used to have something similar..got ruined in a flood a few years ago though.  I still have some old computer running CP/M as an OS though. (not sure model of it though) 

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    Damn, my oldest device is a younger compared to the OP. My oldest is a 2009 HP desktop that was an i3/4gb ram however about 18 months ago I upgraded it to i5/8gb ram. It happily runs W10 without issue, for what I personally need it is a beast. I would almost say it runs just as well as my three month old Acer laptop. It is definitely quicker.

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    My Atari 800 circa 1979 still works, 48KB of ram, with Atari 810 disk drive.   I bring it out once in a while to play M.U.L.E. and a few other classics.

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    I that would be my  Texas Instruments TI-99/4A from 1979  :)  (Power supply is broken though so been a while since I could start it up) 

    Next is probably my wonderful Zenith Laptop , if I remember correctly it's Model #ZFL-181-92.  Got no hard drive, just 2 x 720KB floppy drives , and a 8088 processor he he , but it actually still works.  That one is from 1993

    (Then of course got some Commodore stuff as well in the basement) 



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    I bought my first PC in 1984, an Eagle portable with a 20 MB hard drive, 640 KB ram and dual 5-1/4" floppy. Had an 8" monitor. About the size and shape of a suitcase. The keyboard was fold up and snapped in place covering the monitor and floppy drives. The carrying handle was on the opposite end from the keyboard. Picture carrying a suitcase with the keyboard on the bottom. Still have it stashed away in a closet.